My Final Presentation

As some of you know, the reason I created this blog was to document the process of a two year project called the Project of passion that I did for my school. After two years I’ve watched my progress grow and a couple days ago I had my final presentation. What I did was I baked some of the favorite things that my class had chosen for me to make. It was very hard and at times it was stressful I wasn’t sure if I was able to get everything done in time but in the end it turned out very well.


Some of the things I baked included my chocolate truffles:


My cinnamon dirt bombs:


My key lime pie:


My lemon curd cheesecake:


My lemon bars:


My cinnamon cake:


My brownie muffins:


It was a great experience and I plan on continuing my blog but it may not post as regularly. But I hope you’ll still stop by!