The Sunshine Award #2

I was so thrilled to discover that I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Jhuls of Thenotsocreativecook the other day! It was so kind of her to nominate me and I feel very honored. If you haven’t seen Jhuls blog, go check it out now! It’s so great it’s full of delicious looking recipes! Thanks again Jhuls!


The award came with questions that nominees need to answer. Here are mine:

Why did you start blogging? It was a school project, which is currently coming to a close, but I intend to keep it up.
Sweet or Savoury? I love savory, but I’m going to have to go with sweet. Desserts are my favorite thing ever!
If you were to go on any reality TV program, what would it be and why? Hmm, those look very intense. Probably some kind of desserts show, I’m not sure which one.
What was the last thing you Googled? Rice Crispy Recipe
Night In or Night Out? Night in.
What has been your favourite blog post to write? Probably my interview with Heather Roth.
What’s the one thing you never leave home without? My phone.
Where would you most like to travel to? India would be amazing! There are so many places I could visit there.
If you could have any super power, what would it be? I’m not sure if this is a “super power” but I would love to be able to breathe underwater! It would be so great for when I have swimming.
What can we expect to find from your blog in the future? Mostly the same things but I am going to try to branch out with my recipes. Maybe some more interviews.

The same questions above are to be answered (if they wish to participate) by the following nominees, :

Cupcake artist
Bunny Kitchen

Thanks so much again to Jhuls!

One Year!

Hello everyone. As of yesterday, my blog has been around for one year! I find it so hard to believe that it’s been that long. I remember starting out, I wasn’t sure if my blog would pick up any readers at all. It started as a project for school, but as my school year slowly comes to a close, and I will be changing schools, I know that I will continue to post. I want to thank you all for reading my blog and being so kind and supporting me and my project. It’s been very fun experimenting and collecting new recipes. Thanks again! Here are some pictures of my progress through out the year:

Lemon Tart

Rainbow Cake

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Cream Puffs

Peach Upside-down Cake

Carmel Corn

Brownie Muffins

Lemon Curd Cheesecake

Christmas Cookies

Blackberry and Apple Pie

Vanilla Pots de Créme

Thank you so much again to everyone who has joined me with this fun project!

Sponge Cake with Whipped Cream and Strawberries

Hey everyone! One of my favorite recipes when I was younger, was a strawberries and cream cake. It would be my birthday cake every year, and I loved it. I hadn’t had it in a while and I thought I would make something similar to it. So I decided to make my classmates a sponge cake with homemade whipped cream and strawberries.

I’m going to be honest, the whipped cream was not my best, but I have a good excuse. The day I made it, my family had just finished hosting a birthday party, so our fridge was packed and I needed somewhere to keep my whipped cream cool for the next day. I thought a genius idea would be to put some plastic wrap over it and stick it outside because the weather was so cold. When I woke up the next morning and took at look at it, I saw that it was colder than I thought and part of it had frozen. I was able to revive it and it still tasted good, so here is the recipe:


1 cup of whipping cream
1 tablespoon confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla


In a large bowl, whip cream until stiff peaks are just about to form. Beat in vanilla and sugar until peaks form. Make sure not to over-beat, cream will then become lumpy and butter-like.

The cake turned out quite well, even one of my classmates who isn’t extremely fond of cake kept begging me for another piece, so you should try out this recipe:

Original recipe makes 1 – 9×13 inch pan
4 eggs
2 cups white sugar
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 pinch salt
2 tablespoons butter
1 cup milk

1 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup flaked coconut
6 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons milk


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Sift together flour, salt and baking powder. Set aside.
In a large bowl, beat eggs for 4 minutes with electric mixer on high. Add sugar and continue beating until light and fluffy. Add flour mixture.
In a sauce pan, bring 1 cup milk and 2 tablespoons butter to a boil. Add to batter and beat until combined.
Pour batter into 9×13 inch pan. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 1 hour, or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean.
To make the frosting: In a saucepan, combine brown sugar, coconut, 6 tablespoons butter and 4 tablespoons milk. Heat and stir until butter is melted and mixture is smooth. Pour over cake as soon as it comes out of the oven. Put cake in the oven under the broiler and bake 3 to 4 minutes, or until icing is light brown.


I then topped that off with some strawberries and it tasted somewhat similar to my favorite cake as a younger child.


Thanks to Photographybyme for taking my amazing pictures!