Chocolate Melting Moments

Today I brought my class Chocolate Melting Moments. I got the recipe from a book that I received for my birthday. The book is called The Vintage Tea Party book, by Angel Adoree. The recipe is on page 153. I can not post the actual recipe today because it is not mine, however I found a similar recipe with the same name online, which can be found here. I really recommend this book though, it’s got lots of cool recipes.

Here is some feedback I got:

Cookie part needs more butter
Maybe bigger
A bit grainy
Weren’t too sweet
Loved the smell

The reason less grainy is on the list, is because it was an English recipe. The recipe says corn flour but in America that is cornstarch. I did get the finely ground corn meal, but it was still a little grainy.

However, I think this was a great recipe and I will be making these again. So I really recommend the book!





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